Hogarth Brown is an artist, writer, and illustrator, with interests in photography, living in East London. He studied a Foundation year and BA in Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Art and graduated in 2005. His artwork is highly detailed and illustrative in style, with significant influences from traditional portraiture, and contains elements of fashion and popular culture.

The vast majority of his works are hand drawn and painted in the medium of water-colour on paper, occasionally including collage and other mixed media.

Hogarth has exhibited extensively with work ranging from watercolour, canvas paintings, illustration and installation. Hogarth has also had work published in books, print media, online and television.

Hogarth’s work contains a broad range of themes ranging in influence from Ancient Greek and Roman art to: mythology, sculpture, European Renaissance and Romantic period art. There are also influences from modern and contemporary arts today, with some his photography documenting the work of international performance artists.

As a contemporary artist, however, he still maintains a passion for the tactile beauty of hand crafted works.

Hogarth’s work is powerfully influenced by the concept of the book as: ‘intellectual architecture’ and his future works aim to explore the properties of what a book can become, as a physical object in of itself, as well exploring the dynamic properties of traditional print materials like Vellum (stretched calf or animal skin) as both a paper and a canvas.

Hogarth is interested in documenting the work of other artists, and has taken an interest in the work of Performance Artist and the spaces they inhabit to create their works.

Hogarth is currently researching and writing his first novel of historical fiction: with a narrative that intertwines with the life of the Scientist Galileo in the year 1611 in early Baroque Italy.