Beyond the Raging Flames. My new book… (so happy, jumping up and down inside!)

It’s my great pleasure to announce after many years, quite literally, of effort and hard work my second book, Beyond the Raging Flames, is here and available for purchase on Amazon.

It has taken a long time to get this point. Book 1 The Hermeporta Beyond the Gates of Hermes came out six months ago in June 2017. Six months later book 2 is here, but together the project took about five years to complete: truly a labour of love.

The story carries on from where book 1 left off, however, the stakes increase as the story progresses and the Professor, his daughter Illawara and her companion Hermes find themselves in extremely difficult situations and all three undergo immense trials and transformations. The Professor, for all his powers, is almost ruined and his daughter will have to face betrayals that will come to threaten her life.

None of the characters remains unchanged. Cardinal Orsini and Lucia Borghese are forced to face the realities of their pasts in a dramatic climax to book 2 that will leave everyone changed forever.


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