New exhibition of my work at the Omnibus Theatre

2018 has started on a positive note with the first group exhibition I’ve had of my work for some time. The venue is the Omnibus Theatre Clapham, and the self-portraits I’ve submitted are on from the 5th of February to the 5th of March 2018 as part of the 96 Festival.

Beyond the Raging Flames. My new book… (so happy, jumping up and down inside!)

It’s my great pleasure to announce after many years, quite literally, of effort and hard work my second book, Beyond the Raging Flames, is here and available for purchase on Amazon. It has taken a long time to get this point. Book 1 The Hermeporta Beyond the Gates of Hermes came out six months ago in June 2017. Six months later book 2 is here, but together the project took about five years to complete: truly a labour of love. The story carries on from where book 1 left off, however, the... Read The Rest →

New front cover

I just wanted to share, with great pleasure, my new front cover for Beyond The Gates of Hermes which is volume 1 of my new Hermeporta Series. I’m so delighted with the artwork. The cover really helps convey the compelling and adventurous story inside. A new cover for book two in the series is soon to follow.  

Excerpt of The Hermeporta Beyond the Gates of Hermes featured in Token Magazine

It’s my great pleasure to announce that an excerpt from my book, The Hermeporta Beyond the Gates of Hermes is featured in Token Magazine. The theme for this year’s publication was transformation. The editor of the magazine, Sara Jafari, thought that my piece fits perfectly with the theme as one of my characters, Hermes, is transformed from a bird back into his original self. The magazine is available at this link: The PDF is available on the link below   The Hermeporta  

Diana: In Her Own Words. (reaction)

I, like many others I suspect, approached (yesterday) the watching of Channel 4’s documentary of Diana’s private tapes with trepidation. I wondered, after all the pearl wringing anguish in the media, if watching the publication of private footage, never meant for public consumption, was in good taste – and if we, as a nation, still even had a concept of it. In short, I’m glad I did. The documentary had a peculiar effect on me. Many people on social media described themselves as feeling haunted, and I definitely felt that... Read The Rest →

My New Book!

After many years of travel, research, study and hard work my book is finally born and available on Amazon Kindle (after almost five years of effort from original concepts and publication). I travelled to many cities in Italy to carry out my research: Pisa, Florence, Padua, Venice, Assisi, Siena, Turin, Rome, and Sicily where the plots of my characters unfold. Writing the books, the second is moving to the master edit phase and the third is in development, is by far the most demanding and protracted of the creative efforts... Read The Rest →

The UK General Election 2017

I’ve have watched a great deal of the election coverage and can’t help but feel that predicting the outcome of the result of these things has become almost impossible – yet, I’ll try. I think the Tories, at the every least, are in for a shock: I think they will do well to hold onto what they have. Of course, I could be wrong and they could win by a landslide but with things so unpredictable it’s probably wiser to go on instinct – to draw inspiration from the ether... Read The Rest →

This Crazy World…

What is the world coming to eh? This must be a question being asked up and down the planet. There were worse times in history, but I think it’s fair to say that the world has never been in a greater state of change and unrelenting flux. Are we on a great cusp of a new peak of humanity, or do we stand upon the brink of a new low? Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate agreement, terrorism foists itself upon the innocent at every chance – only a few... Read The Rest →

A Pilgrimage to Performance Art

Pilgrimage is defined as a journey, or search, of spiritual or moral significance: and as my adventure to the far flung island of Veno, north of Selje, on the Norwegian coast above Bergen unfolded, I’m left in no doubt that this is exactly what my journey has been.   The Performance Art festival of Veno Gard KUNST is the brainchild of Julia Kroener and Bjorn Veno, with ‘KUNST’ standing for Kindle, Unite, Nurture, & Stimulate, Thought. Part of the ethos of the festival is that the getting there is a... Read The Rest →

(an excerpt) Chapter 10: The Witch’s Ball

  This passage of writing here is a sample from the 10th chapter of the first draft of my soon to be completed book: The Hermeporta. The book is a novel of Historical Fiction based in early Baroque Italy in the year 1611: it involves the narrative of my fictional characters intertwining with real historical figures, and some of the dramatic events in the life of the scientist Galileo. I aim to finish the first draft by the end of December 2015.     Chapter 10: The Witch’s Ball  ... Read The Rest →

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