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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bhavit Mehta for including me as a reader in the South Asian Literary Festival happening this season. I have greatly enjoyed reading from The Ethical Elephants book at special story telling events for children and their parents, at The Rich Mix just off Brick Lane and the wonderful Discovery Centre in Stratford.

It’s a strange thing, that some how speaking to 200 people is much less nerve wracking than speaking to 50 assembled parents and kids! The little faces looking up in anticipation, and parents expecting to be entertained, quite a challenge, especially when people have paid to see you.
I have found that doing little vocal warm up’s gleaned from various singing lessons over the years was really quite helpful… now I understand very well why you see actors and performers do this before going on stage, public speaking is very, very close to performance… and from now on I shall totally regard it as such, and maybe even embellish a little more, and possibly invest in props!

As I know that I will be doing much more of this sort of thing in the future, this could be a wise investment, but one step at a time, one does not want to become ridiculous.

Thanks again to Bhavit and the The Festival, if anyone is curious please follow this link to their website:

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