Professor Winston Sloane is a man on the run. After fleeing the macabre events in the San Matteo convent, on the outskirts of Florence, he arrives in Venice to seek a person with enough skill to make physical his divine commission. However, the floating city and its citizens give him much more than he can handle.

Illawara, in Padua, longs to return home with Hermes and leave the events in Florence behind her. However, after a scandal that turns her host’s life upside down: the mistress of the house, Bianca, has schemes for her that she cannot refuse and Illawara gains an enemy that wants to see her dead.

The Professor’s vision is undimmed but his powerful foe, Lucia, pursues him with ambitions of her own: and will not be refused.
Can the Professor manifest his vision, or will his dreams be ruined? Can Illawara triumph over adversity and betrayal, or will her enemies see her consumed by the raging flames?

This is the second book in the Hermeporta Series which continues to follow the enigmatic Professor Sloane who has to face even greater challenges then he did when first arriving in Italy 1611. His daughter Illawara has to face titanic struggles of her own that threaten her morals as well as her life. Her friend and companion Hermes faces an emotional struggle between an avowed loyalty to Illawara and his own quest for personal freedom. Followers of the series are in for some spectacular scenes as the characters risk all for survival, ambition and love.

Beyond the Raging Flames volume 2 in the Hermeporta Series

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