This is the formal introduction to my new provisionally titled ‘Elemental’ project. I have mentioned it in other writings on here, but as there is an interest I think it’s time to make it more formal.

The Basic concept is to explore ‘the elements’ Water, Earth, Air, Fire (the classical elements) in combination with Wood and Metal elements which are added by the far east (most notably the Chinese) in their classifying tradition.

Each element will be explored as a theme of conservation for example, an element like Water is to be explored via conservation of the seas and other precious water sources, like lakes and rivers.

In addition to this, each element will also be accompanied by a relevant legend or folk-lore… Water is being explored via the Mermaid and Merman. Earth via the Minotaur of ancient Greece. Air and Fire (combined) via the Firebird or Phoenix. Wood will be explored via the Unicorn, and Metal via Hermes the Greek God of communication, commerce and society in general, to represent human progress and development. Hermes also associated with manipulating metals which makes his appointment particularly relevant.

This is very much a work in progress and images will follow, for copy right purposes the ‘whole vision’ cannot be listed here until other things are confirmed, but this page aims to give a little contextual understanding of what I’m up to with this project.

A new addition. There are a few more images to be worked on and added over the coming year. This piece is called ‘The Merman’ which attempts to address the conservation issues around the sea and other bodies of water. It is an idea I have pitched to The Marine Conservation Society. There is more description of the piece and it’s context on my main blog.

The Elemental Project

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