Physics Professor Winston Sloane is a man possessed. Fleeing a trauma in his past and vowing to a loved one to solve its mystery Winston shuns responsibility, and his daughter, Illawara, to pursue his boyhood dream, and adventure through time via his discovery of an ancient and terrifying Pagan device: The Hermeporta.

Winston embarks on a quest of towering ambition, pursued by his questioning daughter and her cursed friend Hermes, to Italy in the year 1611 determined to gain the knowledge he needs, and an audience with Galileo – at any price.
But in Italy the Professor meets his match in the formidable Lucia, Hermes rediscovers truths of his ancient past, and Illawara catches the eye of a powerful Cardinal that ultimately brings the wrath of a Counter-Reformation Pope down upon them all. Can Professor Sloane’s vision for humanity succeed? Or will the powerful forces he has unleashed destroy them all?

This is the first book in the new Hermeporta Series which follows the elusive Professor Sloane as he embarks on an extraordinary personal mission and is prepared to do anything to achieve it. His daughter, Illawara, has other ideas though and wishes to confront him as to why he left her behind to undertake his mission alone. However, his daughter is not alone and has her friend, Hermes, that helps her but being in the enchanted form of a hummingbird he has to follow his friend to Italy 1611 to be turned back into himself. All three characters face dangers and difficulties that none could have anticipated, ending in a dramatic climax that will decide all of their futures.

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Beyond the Gates of Hermes. The new Hermeporta series volume 1

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